There's enormous potential in you. I just know it. 

I'll admit I'm an optimist, but spending my late teens to mid 20's in the grips of severe depression was not part of the plan!

The downward spiral of self loathing was long and drawn out - like a living nightmare really. But, I was determined to find my way back to the light - and you realise that the human spirit is an amazing thing when you come out the other side of something like that.

It gives you a certain kind of clarity. 

Ten years prior I'd been on the F&B team in a fabulous new hotel, and from the very first day I was hooked. The place was awe-inspiring, the restaurants sumptuous. The innovative food, the passion, the team work, the glamour.

I loved it!

Being around foodies, boutique growers and innovation is certainly my happy place. Over the years I facilitated a new-concept coffee training centre and cafe in Auckland and Queenstown, and ran a start-up cooking school where the test kitchen was always humming with innovative ideas. 

Marriage and babies meant shelving the food career, however I accidentally stumbled on a pot of gold when I started using  a little beauty device that lifted and firmed my face to the extent that people starting asking if I'd had surgery. So, while learning how to parent, I also learned how to grow a side-gig. Partnering with an ethical supplement and clinical wellbeing company, has given me access to incredibly inspirational people in the world of ethno-botany and plant based wellness solutions.

In 2020 I’m joining the dots and studying clinical Naturopathy, a fast expanding arena with profound potential to empower people on their wellness journey. I'm  excited to align my knowledge and passion for food and wellbeing, with a deeper understanding of nutrition, and lifestyle medicine.

If you need to chat or ask a question drop me a message, I'm listening