Veggie Nachos

It’s no secret that I love Nadia Lim’s food. She makes it so easy and delicious. This recipe is adapted from her latest book ‘Vegful’ - I got it from Mum for Xmas.

P and the kids devoured it within minutes, and even though I doubled her recipe they all said they could’ve eaten more.

Serve this to a crowd and you’re guaranteed a winner - everyone will absolutely smash it.

*Make extra bean mix and keep in the fridge for stuffing wraps or burritos.


Serves 4

Tools: large frypan, medium sized bowl, large baking tray



200g bag corn chips (more if you really love ‘em)

Bean Mixture

1 Tbs olive oil 

2 red onions, sliced fairly thinly

1 clove garlic finely chopped / minced

2 tsp cumin - ground or seeds

1 tsp smoked paprika

400g tin red kidney beans, drained

400g tin black beans, drained

2 Tbs tomato paste

2 Tbs chipotle sauce 

Salt and pepper

1 cup grated cheese


4 med tomatoes, diced chunky

Handful of fresh coriander, finely chopped - use basil as an alternative

1 small red onion finely chopped

2 pickled capsicums / piquant peppers, chopped

Squeeze of lemon / lime juice 


To serve

Greek Yoghurt

1 ripe avocado diced roughly 2cm 



Turn oven to 180° C

In a large frypan over a medium heat add the olive oil, garlic and onion and sauté gently for a few minutes until starting to soften. Add beans, spices, tomato paste and chipotle sauce and stir cooking for a further 5 minutes. Taste, season, remove from heat.



Make salsa in a medium bowl by combining diced tomatoes, coriander, red onion, peppers, lemon/lime juice. Taste and season, put aside.



Take the large baking tray and arrange corn chips evenly, apply spoonfuls of bean mix on top of the chips and scatter the grated cheese on top of this. Bake approx ten mins in lower part of oven until cheese is melted and starting to turn golden. Remove from heat. Dob the salsa, and Greek yoghurt intermittently over the top and lastly scatter the avocado. Grind pepper over the top. Serve and eat immediately. 






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